Results: Talents Tokyo Award 2014
The Pictures on this page are the reproduction of Talent Campus Tokyo 2013.

Talents Tokyo 2015 Call for Entries
Submissions open from May 18 to June 18

Talents Tokyo, aka TT 2015, looks for budding Filmmakers or Producers from East Asia and Southeast Asia*.

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[for the Alumni] Next Masters Support Program

Program: Next Masters Support Program is open only for the Alumni of Next Masters Tokyo 2010, TCT 2011-2013 and TT 2014.

From 2010 the last 5 years, the organizers of Talents Tokyo have run the filmmaker cultivation project, ...

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The program of the Talents Tokyo 2014 will be attended by 15 selected participants from 7 East and Southeast Asian countries.

Profiles of the talents can be found here.


Talents Tokyo(TT)は、東京都などが主催する映画の人材育成プロジェクトで、2010年に始まりました。TTとはどんなところなのか、過去のTTの修了生のコメントとともに、TTについてご紹介しましょう。

2. Project Presentation
TCT offers, in addition to the general programme's like lectures or master classes, a special 'Project Presentation'programme. This is an opportunity to try and learn how to present your project to industry professionals. We invite all applicants to present a project.

Below, you can see whole the programs of the pastEditions.

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