Results: Talents Tokyo Award 2014

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Results: Talents Tokyo Award 2014

Talents Tokyo Award 2014 :
"Somewhere South of Reality"
Director: Giancarlo ABRAHAN (Philippines)

Special Mention :
"A Family"
Director: MOON Kwon (Korea)

Jury Statements:

Talents Tokyo Award 2014:
Somewhere South of Reality
Director: Giancarlo ABRAHAN (Philippines)

This project with a great title comes from a source beyond our realities. The story makes well use of its mythological origins and weaves them cleverly into a plot with lots of relevance for contemporary life. The presentation at Talents Tokyo was inspiring, fresh and bit the audience right away.

Special Mention:
A Family
Director: MOON Kwon (Korea)

A Special Mention goes to a project that deals with topics known but not often looked at. The presentation at Talents Tokyo and especially its well chosen illustration gave us a comprehensive impression of the atmosphere that the director would like to create.

Jury, Main Experts' General Comment:

We are very happy to have been part of this incredible group of talents. you came here with your own ideas, some more developed than others, some more realistic than others, but none the less, there were your own. and you shared it amongst yourself and with us. we wish you a lot of luck moving forward with this or your future projects and hopefully you will think of our tips once a while.

SUWA Nobuhiro (Director)
OH Jungwan (Producer)
Winnie LAU (Jet Tone Films)
Florian WEGHORN (Programme Manager of Berlinale Talents)


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