Results: Talents Tokyo Award 2014

Selected Projects:

The List of Selected "Projects" for the Next Masters Support Program 2014:

a) Project Development Fund:
Wesley Leon AROOZOO (Singapore) "I Want To Go Home"
Hannah ESPIA (Philippines) "Learning to Build a Fire"
KIM Kihyun (South Korea) "Journeys in Math and Genetics"
MIYAKE Kyoko (Japan) "A Promise"
SOGA Masumi (Japan) "Kodokushi"

b) International Promotion Fund:
Francis Xavier E. PASION (Philippines) "Bwaya (Crocodile)"

The Selection Committee is formed by IKEDA Takaaki (Film buyer/ NHK Enterprises, Inc.), HAYASHI Kanako (Talents Tokyo, Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Festival director), ICHIYAMA Shozo (Talents Tokyo, Vice-Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Program director).

KAMIYA Naoki (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX), OKAZAKI Tadashi (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) and KANAYA Shigeo (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) participated in the preliminary selection process.

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