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Talent Campus Tokyo 2011 Schedule (As of November 17, 2011)
Events with a black asterisk mark (*) are open to press and industry people.

Monday, November 21

10:00--10:30 Talent Campus Briefing
Essential briefing on services, programme and schedule. Welcome greeting by HAYASHI Kanako, Festival Director Moderated by USUI Naoyuki

10:30--12:00 Meet the Talents*
Self-introduction with 3-min clip from representative work. Moderated by USUI Naoyuki

13:00--14:30 How to Present a Project?
Two experienced Experts, Ms. Christine Tröstrum and Ms. Olimpia Pont Cháfer advise on making presentations effective and productive.

16:30--17:30 Visiting the Exhibition "Berlin 2000-2011"
At the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Organized by be Berlin

17:45--19:00 "Berlin Days in Tokyo" Panel Discussion
At the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo

Organized by be Berlin

19:00--20:00 Get Together at the Museum of Contemporary Art Tokyo
Organized and Supported by be Berlin

21:15-- Recommended Screening "Yulu"
(Directed by JIA Zhang-ke)

Tuesday, November 22

11:00--12:00 Introduction to Talent Campus: Christine TRÖSTRUM
(Project Manager, Berlinale Talent Campus, )

13:00--14:30 Lecture 1 : PARK Kiyong (Producer, Director)
"Some Advice on Independent Filmmaking"
Based on his experience in playing both roles as a producer and director for his own independent films, and also producing student feature films at KAFA, Korean Academy of Film Art for several years, Mr. PARK will share his advice about making films independently.
Moderated by Don BROWN

15:30--17:00 Presentation Training & Project Consultation 1
5 participating talents present their projects to 4 experts.
(*In alphabetical order.)
1) Michael Christian CARDOZ(Philippines)
2) Mohd Afiq DEEN(Malaysia)
3) Tristia Preniany HASIBUAN(Indonesia)
4) HIRAYANAGI Atsuko(Japan/Singapore)
5) ISHIKAWA Kei(Japan)
Moderated by USUI Naoyuki

17:30--19:00 Presentation Training & Project Consultation 2
5 participating talents present their projects to 4 experts.
1) Sun Boon Luang KOH (Singapore/Sweden)
2) MIYAKE Kyoko(Japan/UK)
3) Jinhee PARK(South-Korea/USA)
4) Vorakorn RUETAIVANICHKUL(Thailand)
5) SHAN Zuolong(China)
Moderated by USUI Naoyuki

19:30-- Filmmakers' Night at Marunouchi Café Club 21

Wednesday, November 23

10:10-- Recommended Screening "Don't Expect Too Much"
(Directed by Susan RAY)

13:00--14:30 Excursion: "Tatami Factory" (Optional Tour)

15:30--17:00 Presentation Training & Project Consultation 3
5 participating talents present their projects to 4 experts.
1) Pornmanus SILPASART(Thailand)
2) SOGA Masumi(Japan)
3) Phuphan SORNWISMONGKOL(Thailand)
4) Machima UNGSRIWONG(Thailand)
5) WONG Yee Mei(Hong Kong)
Moderated by USUI Naoyuki

18:10-- Recommended Screening "CUT" (Directed by Amir NADERI)

Thursday, November 24

10:00--11:30 Master Class 1: Amir NADERI (Director)*
Moderated by Don BROWN

12:20-- Recommended Screening "We Can't Go Home Again"
(Directed by Nicholas RAY)

14:00--14:40 Conversation with Susan RAY
Moderated by HAYASHI Kanako
*This is the one of the festival official talk event open to the public.             

15:30--18:30 Open Presentation to Film Professionals*
* We will call for entries among 15 talents. Presentation is optional.
Moderated by USUI Naoyuki

19:00-- Networking with talents and industry professionals* at Square A

Friday, November 25

10:00--11:30 Lecture 2: JIA Zhang-ke (Director)
Mr. JIA will share his experiences in co-production, and discuss filmmaking in capturing China's transformation by crossing the genres of fiction and documentary.
Moderated by ICHIYAMA Shozo

13:00--14:30 Master Class 2 : KORE-EDA Hirokazu (Director)
With the single-scenes selectively chosen from his own films as example Mr. KORE-EDA will share his own experience of how to direct and approach, filmmaking crossing various borders.
Interpreter: Don BROWN

15:30--17:30 Recommended Screening "No Man's Zone"
(Directed by FUJIWARA Toshifumi)

18:00--18:30 Conversation with FUJIWARA Toshifumi (Director) at Square A

Saturday, November 26

10:00--11:30 Lecture 3: Olimpia PONT CHÁFER (Head of Sales, Coproduction Office)
Ms. PONT CHÁFER will share her experiences of successful international co-productions and explain the role of a sales agent and how they promote and sale films in the international market.
Moderator: Don BROWN

13:00--13:30 Awards Ceremony & Closing Session*
Moderated by USUI Naoyuki (in Japanese)
Interpreter: Don BROWN (Japanese to English)

13:30--14:30 "Wrap-up: Feedback Session" and
Tea Gathering with the Tokyo Metropolitan Government officers
at Square A

Interpreter: USUI Naoyuki