Outline of Talent Campus Tokyo 2012 :

Title: Talent Campus Tokyo 2012

Dates: From Monday, November 26 to Sunday, December 2, 2012
(7 days during the TOKYO FILMeX 2012)

Venue: Yurakucho Asahi Hall, etc.

Organizers: Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Arts Council Tokyo
Tokyo Culture Creation Project
(Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)
TOKYO FILMeX Organizing Committee (Non-profit Organization)

In Cooperation with: Berlinale Talent Campus

Official home page: https://talents-tokyo.jp/

Introduction TCT2012 :

During the 7 days of the 13th TOKYO FILMeX held from November 26-December 2, 2012, the filmmaker cultivation project "Talent Campus Tokyo 2012" will be conducted through the supervision of the Tokyo Metropolitan Government, Arts Council Tokyo, Tokyo Culture Creation Project and the TOKYO FILMeX organizing committee, in cooperation with Berlinale Talent Campus.

The theme for the second edition of Talent Campus Tokyo is "Wearing Different Hats: Balancing Art and Reality".
These days, filmmakers are expected to take on a variety of roles. A filmmaker not only directs their film but has a hand in producing it, promoting it at festivals, and at times handling their own distribution and publicity. In confronting the global film market, it's become crucial for Asian filmmakers to firmly grasp the significance of knowing where they come from and broadcasting that to the world. This means not only opening up to the outside but looking within, striking the necessary balance between opposing elements. This is tied to the eternal question of art vs. commerce.
Under these circumstances, young emerging filmmakers must at times take on different roles, maintaining their creativity while determining how to forge a future in cinema.

Bringing together 15 upcoming promising filmmakers and producers, film experts at the forefront of cinema Apichatpong WEERASETHAKUL (Director), SHU Kei (Dean of Film & TV at the Hong Kong Academy for Performing Arts), Philippe BOBER (Founder of Coproduction Office) and Christine TRÖSTRUM (Project Manager, Berlinale Talent Campus) will share their experiences through lectures.

Each participant will have the benefit of presenting his/her own project. Four experts and local industry professionals will analyze each project on its various aspects, such as directing, producing and investment viability.

This talent campus aims to inspire promising filmmakers to develop their voices and become the "Next Masters".