Results: Talent Campus Tokyo Award 2013

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-- Master Class Experts --

MORI Masayuki

Born in 1953 in Tottori. Graduated from Aoyama Gakuin University, joined a TV production company in 1976 and worked as TV director on TV programs. In 1988, founded as Executive and Head of Production Department the management agency Office Kitano, Inc. In 1992, assumed the charge of President of Office Kitano, Inc. As a Film Producer, worked for the all films directed by KITANO Takeshi including "Boiling Point" (1990), "Sonatine" (1993), "Hana-bi" (1998), "Kikujiro" (1999), "BROTHER" (2001), "Zatoichi" (2003), "Outrage Beyond" (2012), among others.

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