Results: Talents Tokyo Award 2014

Organizers :

Tokyo Metropolitan Government

Arts Council Tokyo (Tokyo Metropolitan Foundation for History and Culture)

The objectives of Arts Council Tokyo are the promotion of artistic and cultural creative endeavors and the further development of Tokyo's cultural appeal.

The Council aims to promote wide-ranging and original creative endeavors worthy of Tokyo's status as an international city, and to contribute to the forging of a regional community steeped in creativity and interaction.

Arts Council Tokyo will advance initiatives for artistic and cultural innovation from a studied and long-term standpoint, while at the same time honoring the autonomy and originality of culture and the arts.

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Tokyo Metropolitan Government
Arts Council Tokyo

TOKYO FILMeX organizing committee

The Organization aims for the International Cultural Exchanges and Human Resource Development. We seek the endless creativity and the possibility for the future of cinema, under the phylosophy that the film culture expresses the deep human and social issues, and they enriche our lives, meaning to share this with others, we exist to serve the people spend a peaceful and rewarding life.

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Japan Foundation Asia Center