Edition 2015 / Experts

Peter CHAN (Director) / Master Class Experts

Born in 1962 in Hong Kong. Studied film in the U.S. then returned to Hong Kong at the age of 21, after which he worked as an assistant director for Golden Harvest, and made his directorial debut with “Alan and Eric: Between Hello and Goodbye” in 1991. Founded film company UFO in 1992 with Eric Tsang and Claudia Chung, which produced a succession of high quality comedies and gave the Hong Kong film scene at shot in the arm in the 1990s. One of his most famous works, “Comrades: Almost a Love Story” (96), won nine categories at the Hong Kong Film Awards including Best Picture and Best Director, and was also selected by Time Magazine as one of its Ten Best Movies of 1997. Achieved his Hollywood debut with “The Love Letter” (99). Other works as a director include “Perhaps Love” (05), “The Warlords” (07), and “Dragon” (11).
Holds the rare distinction of being the only filmmaker to have won best director prizes at the Golden Rooster Awards (China), the Hong Kong Film Awards, and the Golden Horse Awards (Taiwan).
His latest film “Dearest” is screened at TOKYO FILMeX on November 23rd. ..≫more