Announcement: 8 selected projects for the “NEXT MASTERS SUPPORT PROGRAM,” a initiative to support the alumni.

Next Masters Support Program:

For the last 4 years, the organizers of Talents Tokyo have run the filmmaker development project “Talent Campus Tokyo”, which was previously called “Next Masters Tokyo” in 2010. Last year, TT organizers decided to start a new initiative to support alumni from these events by providing grants from (a) Project Development Fund and (b) International Promotion Fund.

Today we announce this year’s selected projects. Talents Tokyo will award a Project Development Fund grants of up to 1 million JPY (approx. 8,280 USD) or an International Promotion Fund grant of up to 500,000 JPY (approx. 4,140 USD) to the selected projects.


Selected Projects:

a)Development Fund

Sarah Jinhee CHOI (2013, KOREA), <Arabica In Us>
Wichanon SOMUMJARN (2010, Thailand), <Beer Girl>
MOON Kwon (2014, KOREA) <A Family>
Mouly SURYA (2010, Indonesia) <Marlina the Murderer in Four Acts>
CHANG Chih-Wei (2013, TAIWAN) <Lost In China Town>
Armi Rae CACANINDIN (2014, Philippines)  <Somewhere South of Reality>
Francis Xavier E.  PASION (2010, Philippines) <REACTIVE>


b)International Promotion Fund:

LI Shanshan (2012, CHINA), <The Road>



The Selection Committee is formed by IKEDA Takaaki (Film buyer/ NHK Enterprises, Inc.), HAYASHI Kanako (Talents Tokyo, Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Festival director), ICHIYAMA Shozo (Talents Tokyo, Vice-Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Program director).

KAMIYA Naoki (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX), OKAZAKI Tadashi (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) and KANAYA Shigeo (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) participated in the preliminary selection process.