Announcement: 8 selected projects for the “NEXT MASTERS SUPPORT PROGRAM,” an initiative to support the alumni


For the last 5 years, the organizers of Talents Tokyo have run the filmmaker development project “Talent Campus Tokyo”, which was previously called “Next Masters Tokyo” in 2010.

2 years ago, TT organizers decided to start a new initiative to support alumni from these events by providing grants from (a) Project Development Fund and (b) International Promotion Fund.

Talents Tokyo will award a Project Development Fund grants of up to 1 million JPY (approx. 9,813 USD) or an International Promotion Fund grant of up to 500,000 JPY (approx. 4,907 USD) to the selected projects.


Selected Projects:

a)Development Fund
SHAN Zuolong (2011, CHINA) <Long Day’s Journey Into Night>
HIRAYANAGI Atsuko (2011, JAPAN) <Oh Lucy!>
LEE Joo Hyun (Mimi) (2015, KOREA) <Under the Lilac Tree>
LAU Kek Huat (2015, MALAYSIA) <A Love to Boluomi>
Siege LEDESMA (2014, PHILIPPINES) <Cat Island>
Leon CHEO (2012, SINGAPORE) <Feast>
Rina TSOU (2015, TAIWAN/PHILIPPINES) <Raining Roses>

b)International Promotion Fund:
Bianca BALUBUENA (2012, PHILIPPINES) <Singing in Graveyards>


The Selection Committee is formed by IKEDA Takaaki (Film buyer/ NHK Enterprises, Inc.), HAYASHI Kanako (Talents Tokyo, Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Festival director), ICHIYAMA Shozo (Talents Tokyo, Vice-Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Program director).

KAMIYA Naoki (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX), OKAZAKI Tadashi (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) and KANAYA Shigeo (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) participated in the preliminary selection process.