Results: Talents Tokyo Award 2018



「Tiger Stripes」 (アマンダ・ネル・ユー(Amanda Nell EU)/マレーシア)
Cinema is at its best when it speaks to all your senses. With great admiration and excitement, we honour a young director who can literally let her body drive a story and create an experience beyond the limits of the screen. She presented her genuine approach to teenage angst and an intimate portrait of muslim girls today with most natural confidence. Even before the monster is born, we can already feel its beauty. Well roared, tiger!


『9 TEMPLES TO HEAVEN』 (ソンポット・チッドゲイソン(Sompot CHIDGASORNPONGSE)/タイ)
To earn merits for a film can easily end up in a long journey. This project and its charming director took us on an unforgettable trip to 9 temples and, along the way, familiarised us with a different view on Buddhism today. The way, how he interweaves the winding roads of this often joyful pilgrimage with the inner worlds of spirituality is unique, contemporary and warmheartedly beautiful. We wish him safe travels!

『Raising a Beast』 (サイソンカム・インドアンジャンティ(Xaisongkam INDUANGCHANTHY)/ラオス)
For every story you need a good companion. The young woman in the heart of this well-crafted project is a strong character which became very close to us over the course of her journey between tradition, daily struggles and a better future. Through her eyes, we gained truthful insights into a hidden culture and we learned how to raise, tame and sometimes also fight the beasts of our lives with grace and beauty.

■タレンツ・トーキョー2018 エキスパーツ(講師):