Next Masters Support Program


From 2011 to 2013, the filmmaker development project “Talent Campus Tokyo”, which was previously called “Next Masters Tokyo” in 2010, has been run, and in 2014 the program was reformed as “Talents Tokyo”.
The same year, TT organizers decided to start a new initiative to support alumni from these events by providing grants from (a) Project Development Fund and (b) International Promotion Fund.
Today we announce this year’s selected projects. Talents Tokyo will award a Project Development Fund grants of up to 1 million JPY or an International Promotion Fund grant of up to 500,000 JPY to the selected projects.

Selected Projects:

a)Development Fund

Zoljargal PUREVDASH (2017, MONGOLIA) <I wish I could HIBERNATE>
Pham Ngoc LAN (2017, VIETNAM) <Cu Li Never Cries>
Siew Hua YEO (2015, SINGAPORE) <Stranger Eyes>
HAYAKAWA Chie (2014, JAPAN) <PLAN75>
NAKAMURA mayu (2016, JAPAN) <Wondering Taxi>
Armi Rae CACANINDIN (2014, The PHILIPPINES) <The Empire >
Gita FARA (2016, INDONESIA) <The Sea speaks His Name>

b) International Promotion Found

Kavich NEANG(2016,Cambodia) <Last Night I Saw You Smiling >

The Selection Committee is formed by IKEDA Takaaki (Film buyer/ NHK Enterprises, Inc.), ICHIYAMA Shozo (Talents Tokyo Chairperson/ TOKYO FILMeX, Director).

KAMIYA Naoki (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX), KANAYA Shigeo (Talents Tokyo/ TOKYO FILMeX) participated in the preliminary selection process.

The results of C) Fellowship Program are following:

Spring Entry;
Kavich Neang (TT2016, Cambodia) L’atelier Cinéfondation, Cannes
Armi Rae CACANINDIN (TT2012, Phiippines) L’atelier Cinéfondation, Cannes
Supcha THIPSENA (TT2017, Thailand) L’atelier Cinéfondation, Cannes

Autumn Entry;
Bianca BALBUENA (TT 2012, Philippines) APM/Busan
Martika ESCOBAR (TT 2016, Philippines) IFP/NY
Armi Rae CACANINDIN (TT 2015, Philippines) the Sorfund Pitching Platform/ Oslo
Tim YEUNG (TT 2016, HK) APM/Busan

Winter Entry;
Jenny SUEN (TT 2018, HK) CineMart, Talent Project Market
Alemberg ANG (TT 2014, Philippines) CineMart, EFM
Dan KOH (TT 2018, Singapore) CineMart, EFM