James LIU (Producer)

James LIU has gained a wide range of experiences in production, distribution and sales of independent films in a career of 30 years. In 2005, he founded Joint Entertainment, which focuses on distribution of worldwide independent films in Taiwan. LIU moved one step forward with the inception of Joint Pictures in 2015 to develop and produce independent projects. His latest work “Jang Gae”, currently in production, is directed by CHANG Chih-Wei who is an alumnus of 2013 Talents Tokyo. “Jang Gae” also won script development award of Filmex’s Next Masters Support Program in 2015.
His filmography includes: “Paradise Next” (2019) directed by HANNO Yoshihiro, “Ten Years Taiwan” (2018), “Fuku-Chan of Fukufuku Flats” (2014) directed by FUJITA Yousuke, “The Land of Hope” (2012) directed by SONO Sion, and “Keeping Watch” (2007) directed by CHENG Fenfen.