SHINOZAKI Makoto (Director)

Born in 1963 in Tokyo. His directorial debut “Okaeri,” released in 1996, won the Wolfgang Staudte Award (Best New Director) at the Berlin International Film Festival and the Montreal First Film Prize at the Montreal World Film Festival. Subsequently, he directed “Not Forgotten” (2002, winner of Best Actor and Best Actress awards at the Nantes Three Continents Festival), “Walking With the Dog” (2003), “Tokyo Island” (2010), “Die! Directors, Die!” (2011), and “Silence Then” (2013). “Wish We Were Here” is his latest film since “SHARING,” which screened at TOKYO FILMeX in 2014. Additionally, he has released numerous documentaries, short films, and works for television. He is the co-author (with fellow filmmaker KUROSAWA Kiyoshi) of “Kyofu no Eigashi” published by Seisosha. SHINOZAKI is a professor at Rikkyo University College of Contemporary Psychology’s Department of Body Expression and Cinematic Arts, and a lecturer at The Film School of Tokyo.