Edition 2020

Obligations of Talents Tokyo

As Talents Tokyo is a publicly funded program, the program asks for several obligations from its participants.
Please make sure to read such obligations carefully before applying.
By submitting the application form, you have read, understood and agreed to all obligations.

Successful applicants will be invited to join Talents Tokyo taking place online.
You must be available to participate for roughly 12 hours a day during the 6 days of the program with a secure internet connection. Please also consider time difference as live lectures and presentations will be held in Japan Standard Time.

The Talents Tokyo offers, free of charge, a comprehensive program and many privileges to all participants. Your presence as a Talent is a mark of distinction and a recommendation for film professionals throughout the world. In return, we expect your cooperation and daily attendance at the program. Talents Tokyo reserves the right to remove participants who abuse their accreditation by being repeatedly absent and or making false statements, from our website and program.

After participating in Talents Tokyo, alumni will automatically become part of the worldwide Talents community online and will be able to easily connect to international alumni that participated in previous editions of the Campus International programs in Berlin, Guadalajara, Buenos Aires, Durban, Sarajevo and Beirut.
Participants of Talents Tokyo will be obliged to send in assignments as below:
- your one page bio with photos (due early-October)
- 3min video of your sample works (due early October)
- one page outline of your project (due mid-October)
- first draft of the script (due end of October)
- presentation materials (due end of October)

Participants will also be required to participate in a ‘Project Presentation’ program in addition to the general program like lectures or screenings. This is an opportunity to learn how to present your project to industry professionals.
The eligible project must be a feature (60 minutes or more in length) for theatrical release and suitable for an international co-production. As the main event of the program, participant will publicly present his/her own project which will be eligible for the Talents Tokyo Award.

Talents Tokyo reserves the right to remove participants who abuse their accreditation by repeatedly missing the deadline or not handing in assignments, from our website and program.