Kathi BILDHAUER (Talents Project Market)

Dr Katharina BILDHAUER has been working for the Berlin International Film Festival in various positions since 2003. She is a founding member of the Berlinale Co-Production Market and co-headed it up until 2019. She manages the Talent Project Market, a joint initiative with Berlinale Talents. In addition, she coordinated the Berlinale Residency and worked for the World Cinema Fund.
She studied German and English Literature as well as Psychology at the University of Cologne, and European Film Studies at the University College London. For several years, she taught script analysis at different German universities. Her PhD thesis on unconventional screenplays was published in 2007. Before, she worked in casting, as production assistant, AD and script/continuity for various film and TV projects in Germany and the UK.
She is a pitching trainer, a regular moderator for the Producers Network in Cannes and for European Film Promotion’s Producers on the Move, and guest lecturer at the German Film and Television Academy Berlin.