FAQ for Talents Tokyo: (Apr, 2022)

What happens if the program moves online?
You must be available to participate for roughly 12 hours a day during the 6 days of the program with a secure internet connection. Please also consider time difference as live lectures and presentations will be held in Japan Standard Time.

How important are the sample videos (or reports) in the selection process?
The reviewing of the sample video or reading of the report are the most important process for the selection. It is the essential for the selection.

Does the video have to be exactly 15 minutes?
The selection process asks for a sample of maximum duration of 15 minutes. However, there is no minimum. The video does not have to be exactly 15 minutes.

IMPORTANT: However, please consider the following before submission: the sample is the only material which allows the selection committee to see the applicant’s filmmaking sense and potential of the applicant.
We can only say from our past experiences that it is difficult to judge samples that are only few minutes long. And these shorter samples tend to receive lower evaluation than those of longer duration.

Is it necessary for the sample to be of recent works? Or can I submit a sample from few years ago?
There is no problem if the samples were produced few years ago.
However, do note that if you have applied to TT before with the same video sample, the selection committee members have already watched that video.
(June, 2020)


FAQ for Next Masters Support Program (Apr, 2021):

I’ve filled out the entry form. So, my project is submitted, right?
No. You must also send all the necessary materials as listed on the regulations: “About Applicants) V, the applicant must submit all Application Materials via email AND via post”.

The application consists of three steps:
1, entry form;
2, send all necessary materials listed in the Materials of Application from i to v, if you want to submit to a) Project Development Fund; and from i to vi, if you want to submit to b) International Promotion Fund; via E-mail*
*E-mail to:
3, deliver all materials mentioned in the preceding paragraph by post.
Talents Tokyo Office
c/o Connections Business Park
45th FL, Shinjuku Sumito Bldg,
2-6-1 Nishi-shinjuku,Shinjuku -ku
Tokyo 163-0245 JAPAN

To submit for b) International Promotion Fund, is it necessary to send a screener with an English Subtitle?
YES, it is absolutely necessary if the film requires subtitles for an English speaker to understand. We do not require a high level of accuracy.

I want to register the program b), and my film is in post-production.
If I get this Fund, can I use the support money for the improvement of post-production?
No. This program is intended strictly only for promotions and must not be used for post-production.
You can only apply for completed or nearly completed films.